The Story Behind the Brand
I’ve always dreamed of a perfect world, a world in which we can help each other in any way possible. A world where the effort and talent of the Artists are valued as they should, impacting life’s not mattering how far they are from them. Here we found the opportunity to make things happen and inspire others to chase their dreams while creating valuable pieces and a community as no other seen before in the metaverse. We don’t know each other identity yet we are connected by a common denominator, our passion for art and crypto. Eternal Utopia’s mission is to create a community that gets to impact the metaverse and real world through teamwork, artworks, and crypto.
Why not have a blast while helping thousands of individuals all around the world? Eternal Utopia will donate a percentage of the primary, secondary, and merch sales to a charity chosen by the community! Behind this collection there are several hundreds of hours of creative and intellectual work of amazing artists and professionals from all around the world. After months of putting it all together we managed to create the perfect combination of creativity, logistics and rewards as never seen before in the metaverse. Our community is made to help achieve collective and personal goals of our collectors, with channels to promote your skills and talents, you never know who will see your potential!
Eternal Utopia was created by two best friends that live in two opposite sides of the world (Europe and America), passionate about Art and Crypto decided to embrace a journey with a group of artists & professionals, who also believe in the vision of a perfect world ruled by creativeness and uniqueness. Our community is made around one simple rule, “support the growth of your fellow members and the community as a whole”. After lots of hard work and overcome obstacles, our team achieved to create what we think will be a footprint for future collections. This is our blood and sweat impregnated into the meta verse as nothing seen before, this is what we call……. OUR ETERNAL UTOPIA!
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