One of the most exciting parts of this community is that you are not just holding a unique piece that will just get rarer in time. Also, each one of the holders can win exclusive member rewards! The rewards will start from Eternal Utopia merch to $600K+ in art pieces from some of the most exclusive Miami Art Galleries, NFTs, ETH, Original customized designer brands apparel (inspired in Eternal Utopia). Trips and much more!
We are collaborating with two of the best Miami's Art Galleries!!
Eden Fine Art Gallery: 1 piece of art valued at 100K + 2 pieces of art valued at 50K
Eden Gallery is proud to present a unique collection of vibrant artworks by their family of contemporary artists. Internationally renowned for color, imagination, and positivity, Eden Gallery houses diverse artwork, including paintings, sculptures, and three-dimensional shadow boxes.
Each artwork comes with a certificate of authenticity and an individual art appraisal.
    • GGA GALLERY: 1 Piece of Art Valued at 50k,
    + 2 Pieces of Art Valued at 30k,
    +2 Pieces of Art Valued at 10k.
The GGA gallery, inside the Wynwood Walls, is a dynamic public space dedicated to over 100 of the world's greatest street artists. The artists and individual works are carefully selected by Goldman Global Arts co-founder and gallery curator Peter Tunney. The gallery exhibits an everchanging roster of the group and solo shows from past and present artists of The Wynwood Walls, cantered around providing viewers and collectors with a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the global street art movement.
Exclusive Customized Original Designer Brands Apparel by Etai Drori ( Himself!!
  • 5 Customized original designer brands apparel


Etai Drori is a designer who creates one-of-a-kind designer products while often utilizing heritage silhouettes of more prominent designer brands. Drori designs custom products for a wide range of clientele in Los Angeles, New York, Singapore, Paris, and many others. Drori caters to those who have an eye for designer brands such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, or Dior but who desire a unique custom piece crafted just for them.
Exceptions & Alternatives
All the giveaways and rewards details include unlocking conditions, ways to claim your reward, and other additional information. In case of any condition changes, we'll update it.
All the giveaways and rewards have specified conditions for "unlock." The specific percentage of sales that we must reach to "unlock" each reward is stipulated on our Roadmap. You can find the specific details on our "normal rewards" page. We expect to sell out in a matter of hours, but if this does not happen, we will honor each reward as we reach the specific goals. We will be giving everyone one week (seven days) to trade or sell their NFTs. After the seven days are over, the owner/address will claim the reward(s). All other trades after those seven days are over will not change who can claim the reward. We will start giveaways for t-shirts, hoodies, and hats exactly seven days after launch. This claiming process will be open for a couple of days. Each NFT owner will need to send us their shipping information to claim their rewards. Unclaimed clothing rewards will be unassembled and repurposed.
Unlocks - Once each reward or giveaway is unlocked, we will announce it via Discord and all our official social platforms. Each reward or giveaway will have instructions on how to redeem it. For most rewards, we will require information such as shipping address, size, and additional information. Eternal utopia merch will likely be shipped within 2-3 weeks since they are ordered and manufactured after the launch and after all NFT holders have claimed their reward.
Alternative Compensation - We will try our best to ship worldwide, but some countries will not provide shipping. Suppose we cannot ship a t-shirt, hoodie, hat, or framed professional copy of your NFT. In that case, we will provide monetary compensation or extra time to sell the reward(s) to someone in our community. We will contact everyone personally to try and find a way to make shipping arrangements work.
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