• The NFT movement is an innovative space with a thoroughly new character that allows you to impregnate your art in time. Our team goal is to release a collection that clearly expresses our ideals with valuable inquisitive visual arts while donating part of the gross profits to an identified non-profit organization.
  • Eternal Utopia combines high standards, real artistic value, and the desire to give back to this amazing community. We want each of our members to appreciate their piece(s) of virtual and physical art. The team is looking forward to making a hard copy of each of the pieces for the owners (probably for a small optional extra charge).
  • When we started the creative process behind this amazing community, our main goal was to solidify the NFT community while building our name as pioneers and quality-driven collections in the metaverse.
  • It is a limited-edition collection of 10,000 unique human-like characters that live and exist on the Ethereum blockchain. Every piece of art in this NFT collection is unique and possesses a distinct order of rare aspects and traits. OUR STAFF MEMBERS HAVE BEEN INSTRUCTED NOT TO MINT OR BUY OUR PIECES. *We may buy the floor of Eternal Utopia pieces from the secondary market*
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