Behind the scenes
Our team information, details, and more.
Our team is conformed of incredibly talented artists and professionals, of which some have been part of successful NFT collections and other such projects in the metaverse. The first goal established by the Eternal utopia team was to find the most qualified individuals for each area, and oh, we did it!
We believe that you must have the bests working in each area to be successful. That is why we decided to partner with a company based in New York called Building Ideas by Software on The Road. They have been part of successful NFT collections that have sold over 15 million dollars to date. A team of six individuals is working on our smart contract, the entire ERC-721 layout, web development, security, 3D implementation, and much more. We know that we are more than safe working together with this successful team.
Community Team
Our community team is full of experienced individuals in NFT collections, Discord management, social media marketing, and much more. We have managed to create an NFT community like nothing seen before in the metaverse, which focuses on growth in general and helping the metaverse while at the same time helping charities around the world!
Media & Content Creation
All our content creation, media, and marketing are handled by a private contractor who has worked in the social media marketing and SEO area of several successful companies worldwide. With her impressive background, any company would be more than proud to have a media manager with such credentials and experience.
Designs & Artwork
All our pieces were designed by a group of 5 incredibly talented artists, with Animationbd, an animation studio that has worked with multinationals such as CNN, Johnson & Johnson, UK aid, and so on. This group surely has the creativity and experience needed to set an example for future NFTs collections. This collection was carefully designed to excel in quality and uniqueness compared to other collections on the market. Over Three months and 600+ hours of hard work went into creating these one-of-a-kind masterpieces. The project will come with features from 6k resolution, 3D files, Background color options, customized merch inspired in your unique NFT, and much more!!
Web Design
Our web design was done by one of our co-founders. His curriculum includes Web Design and Development, which made him work with Multimillion-Dollar companies to significantly improve their SEO and grow their revenues by 6 Million Dollars.
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